When a disaster Strikes your community, how ready will you be? Your tenants and staff will look to you to provide a solution.

In the midst of a devastating fire or water damage everyone will be overcome, anxious and stressed out. This is where Vanguard can help you most.

Vanguard has developed a revolutionary system to provide several solutions when a disaster occurs. We have noticed that the typical reaction to a disaster is different for everyone, especially in light of their current perspective. However, their needs are strikingly similar.

  1. Food
  2. Clothing
  3. Shelter

Nowadays, most property management companies require their tenants to have renter’s insurance. This coverage typically helps tenants to get from disaster to restoration shorter, and allows them to salvage and restore items that they own that are affected by the fire and smoke. It also expedites the process moving forward for restoration to begin sooner. This means that there is less time spent discussing and debating who is responsible and which insurance carrier is ultimately going to bear the cost.

We looked at this situation and saw how it can dramatically slow or stop the entire process. This means it can take longer for the property to be restored and that translates into less rental income which is the principal reason the property was built.

After studying this situation for years, Vanguard has developed a systematic process with assets in place that will move this process forward quicker, saving almost a month of downtime for your property so that it could be earning rental income again, sooner.

This idea was developed out of a necessity on a loss we were contacted to manage and rebuild by the property owner. It is a simple idea and one we believe that should have been implemented years ago and is now our standard operating procedure on all losses.

Vanguard Restoration’s Exclusive Multifamily and Community Association Management Services.

Timeline Priorities in Steps

Step One – Emergency Services:

  1. RIT 24/7 Emergency Response. We guarantee to be on-site within 30-60 Minutes.
  2. RIT provides On-Site Essentials such as, Clothing, Food and Shelter for all displaced, For Free!
  3. RIT will Secure and Stabilize the Structure in order to prevent any further damage.

Step Two – Assist Affected Units and Determine Restorable Items:

Once a contract for rebuilding services is signed;

  1. We provide Individual Storage Containers for One Month, On-Site for Each Effected Unit.
  2. This Allows ALL Occupants a Safe, Secure and Easy solution for removing Items that can be cleaned! REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT THEY HAVE INSURANCE COVERAGE!
  3. Vanguard solely bares these costs; they are not transferred to anyone.

Don’t take our word for it, here is a letter from a property owner that we serviced after a devastating fire occurred at his Apartment Building. The original news footage from the day of this incident is available on the Videos tab of our website:http://www.vanguardrestoration.net/videos.html


January 10, 2011

When a fire broke out within one of my rental apartments last year, Vanguard was onsite quickly to secure the damaged building from the elements and the curious. Vanguard’s representative was very helpful to explain the restoration process through my insurance company. This timely and quick assistance was immensely helpful to get the restoration process started immediately.

Luckily, there were no deaths, nor significant bodily injuries. However, the affected tenants suffered personal property damages and losses. Vanguard offered rental PODS, at Vanguard’s expense, to each of the tenants with recoverable property to use for one month while they relocated.

Vanguard’s expertise and experience with insurance companies was extremely useful to secure funding to completely restore the damaged structure and rebuild to current building code standards. The cooperation and coordination of Vanguard’s personnel to complete every last request and detail was exceptional. I would not hesitate to use their services again in another emergency, whether it be fire or water damage.

Gerald Daller, owner and manager
Cedar Villa Apartments

Emergency Response Planning is better to have in place, before you need it. Call us and we can assist your property management team and owners to be more prepared and begin to pick up the pieces sooner. Our Assistance and disaster preparation services are comprehensive and completely free!